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Best-Seller Highlight: Rupa Tibet Modern Shag Area Rug

Versatility at its best!

Shag rugs can shield your toes from the chilly floor tiling, great for living rooms, kitchens, or hallways. It is also perfect for children’s play areas, made with 100% polypropylene fiber, serving as a soft landing for playing, learning, and growing in the space. No matter its location, our Tibet collection’s high pile adds a cozy touch to its chosen space.

Different Stylings

When tasked with decorating a space, knowing which style you are drawn to makes it easier to build around. Rugs are versatile and can work with many different looks.

The Rupa Tibet Modern Shag Area Rug pairs well with modern and bohemian themes because of its neutral tones. Modern organic lines, mid-century geometric shapes, and primitive symbolic designs create an eccentric look to match any interior design


If your design aesthetics are bolder and you aren’t afraid of experimenting, this rug suits your needs best. The neutral tones complement a space, making it not only easier to build around, but making it a centerpiece within itself. This instant eye-catcher can make the most boring places come alive in an instant.


If you are drawn to minimalism and just having the essentials, this rug adds a gentle pop to the room, making it a focal point and elevating a monochromatic space. It can lend a trendy look to the interior of a home and hold the décor together as the centerpiece of all attractions.

Rugs finish a room by adding warmth, texture, and definition. Welcoming different design styles into your home can transform it into a place that feels uniquely you.





Rupa Modern Shag Area Rug