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Who We Are

Since 1964, Balta has worked with businesses, designers, decorators, and creatives who want to turn houses into homes. This is made possible by our innovative in-house manufactured rugs, enabling us to bring you beautiful designs at affordable prices.

Located in Atlanta GA, Balta Rugs is a subsidiary of Balta Group, serving US businesses, designers, decorators, and creatives. We aim to represent our Belgian roots and history in the US market.

Our Mission

We leverage our innovative capabilities and operational excellence to help you complete the home of your dreams. Being one of the leading rug manufacturing brands, we make sure our products are reliable, versatile, fashion-forward, and affordable.

Green Efforts

Balta is committed to adopting more sustainable practices to make the world a better place. That’s why we’ve begun to implement methods such as more recycled materials in our rugs and solar power in our factories.

Company Culture

Here at Balta, people are the heart of our business. We strive to promote safety, diversity, and overall employee well-being in the workforce, both abroad and at home.

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