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More Than Just Employees

At its core, Balta is a people-centered company. Although we employ almost 4,000 workers, we still strive to make everyone feel like family. That’s why we’ve begun to host quarterly “Balta Talks” and CEO lunches. We’ve also started to introduce more flexible hours and remote work to encourage gender diversity and work-life balance because we want working here to feel like home.

Working Conditions

Here at Balta, we produce all of our own rugs. This allows us to better control the quality of our product and, most importantly, the safety of our workers.

In 2018, we established the “One Balta for Safety” program, working towards our goal of zero accidents. We have also implemented safety coaches for each department, as well as trainings in ergonomics.

Because at Balta, people come first.

Protection & Precautions

Balta pro-actively address the key risks found through our risk analysis and our thorough legal compliance audits of all departments and sites at Balta where we identified opportunities for improvement.

The efforts of each project team are assessed by the ‘One Balta for Safety’ steering committee. Taking overall responsibility for the program, ensuring it is compatible with the strategic direction of the company and making sure the resources for success are available, the committee demonstrates leadership in safety.

The aim is to make sure safety is in the hearts and minds of all our people, including visitors and third parties, and that we deliver a change in attitude that along with our positive actions on reducing risk in the workplace helps to achieve our goal of zero accidents. 

Golden Safety Rules

As part of the work carried out through ‘One Balta for Safety’, we have implemented our five ‘Golden Safety Rules’ in 2019

1. I stop, watch and think before I do
2. I keep my workplace clean and tidy
3. I wear my personal protective equipment
4. I follow our traffic rules and work instructions
5. I take care of my colleagues

Culture of Safety

To drive forward sustained change in a positive attitude to safety on the production floor, we carry out regular management walks and talks and the CEO undertakes accident feedback meetings with managers and supervisors at all levels to ensure that a suitable response in reinforcement of the ‘Golden Safety Rules’ is delivered. Each department also has a safety coach, in total 68, who deliver training and coaching aimed at reducing potential accidents.

Through the ‘One Balta for Safety’’ program, as well as our initiatives designed to inform and educate, we are confident that we can make significant progress in our goal to achieve zero accidents.