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By 2023 We Aim To:

Our Factories

As part of our green efforts initiative, we have begun to focus on more environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

At our Belgian plant, we use solar power for over 5 tons of the total energy. This is in line with our goal to reduce both carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption by 30% by 2030.

Since 2012, we have also ensured that zero waste from production has gone to landfill across all our manufacturing sites. Our next step is to plan the development of a polypropylene recycling plant, especially as our rugs become more recyclable.

Introducing Refold


The RE_FOLD collection offers a range of sustainable, multi-colored, foldable indoor rugs with a worn-out vintage look!

RE_FOLD is QA-CER certified, meaning that both the recycled content and quality of the end rug have been designed with sustainability as the top priority. We take pride in using recycled cotton and polyester production waste and durable, high-quality stain-resistant, and non-shedding polypropylene yarn. This ensures easy maintenance and, therefore, long-lasting enjoyment.

Green Efforts

Thanks to the innovative low pile weave construction, the RE_FOLD rugs are - as their name suggests - perfectly foldable and very lightweight, making them the perfect rugs both in compact storage or on the go. Whether you’re constantly moving from place to place or just looking for a more sustainable option, RE_FOLD fits into any lifestyle.

From vintage Persian patterns in pastel color to Berber drawings and Native American inspired motifs, there’s a RE_FOLD rug for every interior decorating style!