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Grace Veres

textile designer

From:  Cleveland, OH (Go Cavs!)

Degree:  BFA in Fibers from Savannah College of Art and Design 

Inspiration:  I find lots of inspiration walking around Atlanta, there are so many unique neighborhoods to explore. 

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A Designer's Lookbook

Grace's Style 

Grace's Style

trendy & modern


the newest trend  

I've been seeing checkboard prints all over, so this rust and cream rug is especially relevant.


a bit of interest 

I love this rug because it's neutral yet interesting! The pattern is so intricate but the charcoal and grey help to balance this out.


fun & graphic 

This is one of my favorites because it's such a fun and graphic piece. It feels very upscale but with a more approachable price point. 

Alyssa's Style 

Alyssa's Style

boho chic


a lesson in contrast  

The boldness yet simplicity of this rug is what draws me to it. Also the contrast of black and white is striking.


modern yet traditional 

I love that this pattern and quality both have a modernized traditional feel. The pattern looks traditional, but when you zoom in you can see its has hand drawn motifs and the look of a well loved heirloom, yet is brand new. 


perfect in every space  

I like the hint of global patterning at the border making this rug versatile and able to fit in many spaces.